Metal in the Ice Arena – A7X

Last week saw Enigma13 going to the Ice Arena for a rock/metal show.

Due to work commitments, by time we go to the arena, the 1st band, In Flames were finishing their set, so after a daunting climb down the rather steep stairs in the dark and onto the ice (which was covered) we made away near the to the front and set base.

I’ll be honest, not heard much by In Flames before, but had to say the couple of songs we caught, I liked and will be checking out more stuff of theirs.

in flames 6.jpg

After In Flames we had a short wait till the next band came on – Disturbed, so took this time to grab a cider, ventured the stairs again and waited patiently.

Soon the back drop was raised and Disturbed walked on stage opening up with The Eye of The Storm. We were standing to the left in front of bassist John Moyer and not only could we hear the bass, we could feel it thumping our bodies. The band were energetic throughout  their set and using the full stage including the protruding walkout platform to get closer to the fans.

the continued to play a further seven songs, including Immortalized, The Game, Prayer and Stupify. The lights then went down and music stopped – surely not the end – such a short set? No, as the lights were out you could make out the roadies bringing out some more equipment, a stool, some drums and two women with a cello and violin – surely this only meant one thing – lights went back up and the intro started to their latest hit, The Sound of Silence, originally recorded by Simon and Garfunkel. Fair to say this went down very well and the crowd all joined in.

A further six songs followed, highlight of which had to be The Light, the audience were instructed by vocalist David Drainman to open the torch on their mobile phones and to lift in the air during the chorus. Have to say, this looked pretty cool.

Disturbed then finished their set with the hit Bodies and by the reaction of the crowd, this is what they were waiting for.

disturbed 15.JPG

So now it was time for the main act – Avenged Sevenfold. Is very fair to say, these did not disappoint, even with bassist Johnny Christ not feeling very well.

Once on stage A7X opened up with The Stage, a track taken from their new album of the same name. They then continued to play several songs from their albums, including Hail To The King, Chapter Four, and Buried Alive.

At this point singer M Shadows pointed out that Johnny Christ was not feeling well and therefore is unable to do his backing vocals for the next track. Shadows then choose a fan, a lad named Daniel) from the crowd who had been singing all night, invited him on stage and pointed him to a microphone and asked he fills in for Johnny Christ on Nightmare. The lad looked a little nervous at first (and who would blame him) but as soon as the band kicked into the song he looked to have settled down and started enjoying himself and sang his heart out – a night i’m sure he will never forget.

The band then continued to play a further six songs, God Damn, Almost Easy (a favourite of mine) Sunny Disposition, Warmness of The Soul, Planets and Acid Rain, after which they left the stage.

After a short time the band (inevitably) returned to the stage asking if we wanted anymore – of course the crowd replied yes! After a discussion with the crowd on how many more they should play – it was settled on 3. So the encore opened with Bat Country. After Bat Country, Shadows introduced the next song as a love song, written by the late The Rev, A Little Piece of Heaven, whilst playing this the official video showing on the screens behind the stage.

Finally A7X finished with Unholy Confessions – a nice heavy fitting to such a fantastic gig – and I urge, if you can catch them on this tour – do so.

a7x 29.JPG

more photo’s of all 3 bands can be found at our website


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